A Metaphor For Our Memories: Interview With Mariu F. Lacayo

“The infinite world of possibilities of elementary particles is the basis of human freedom,” says writer Alicia Montesdeoca. In addition, I follow the course of these particles, building the lines of our lives through the emotions attached to the skin, such as my steel and polymer strings, oil, and acrylic on canvas and/or methacrylate. This is the metaphor for the way we pull off memories; I sand off fragments of the overlaying colors, map of multiple experiences that build the crust of our being plotted in this dimension. Contrary to what we believe – that time moves forward – really everything happens in parallel interdimensions, hence the theory of multiverses that I paint, stitch, scrape, sand and chart, weaving, painting and pasting layer over layer. Similarly, our unconscious keeps our every human experience in its dark memory that suddenly jumps into light as the tones of each layer of color that abruptly appear, bringing into light lines that cross over multiple underlying colors, previous experiences learned and inherited. These are my SUPERSTRING MIRRORS, hybridizations, because of their language and symbolism.


Mariu F. Lacayo.jpg

 Briefly tell us about your journey as an artist.

Since I remember, textiles have been an integral part of my life. I started admiring aboriginal textiles when I first got my hands on a Mexican mop. These unbleached cotton fabrics that resist everything and more, and have been part of everyday life in every home in Mesoamerica, symbolize my first contact with textiles and color. So, I started painting them 15 years ago, and then I built an installation with them and then I knitted braids in different fabrics, as models for my paintings and sculptures, before landing into these quantum vibrations that are a hybrid between acrylic painting, spray paint, methacrylate and warps.

The humble swabs were the masters of the weft that I have been retaking with the brush and mixed media these days, introducing myself into the postulates of quantum physics and string theory, which proposes scientifically what the Mayans already said as a motto in their language, IN'LAKESH, meaning "I am you, you are me, we all are One".


How do you feel your cultural upbringing influenced your art?

My artworks are a proposal to learn to live in tolerance and universal acceptance of the Universal tissue we are in charge, and thus improve the quantum maps of the world in which we live. This is also a tribute to my father, a psychiatrist, who taught me to observe my thoughts and emotions, as a whole, and not as isolated events.

Mariu F. Lacayo, QUANTUM LANDSCAPE, oil on canvas, 115 cm. x 148 cm. 2017.jpg

Tell us about your process. How do you come up with each painting? Do you spend a lot of time planning and sketching, or is the process more intuitive?

I get inspired by my love for the invisible world that is happening in parallel to our surroundings. My artwork can be described as an ongoing abstraction of the mysterious worlds of molecular biology and particle physics. My paintings and sculptures and art cubes explore the complexity and appearance of the invisible and unknown to linear reason. I work intuitively and start painting at 3:00 am, feeling that we all are immersed in a vibrational experience.

Mariu F. Lacayo,  Super Brane, aluminum sculpture, resin and acrylic painting,  160 x 0.80 cm. 2017..jpg

What does a typical day look like for you?

I understand that each day is a chance where we all can choose which warp and in what shapes and colors we can knit to live the world we want. Each day is our chance to leave behind our beliefs about ourselves and begin to recreate new experiences in which the different dimensions I represent in my artworks, are in fact the experience of beauty whose reality allows us to immerse ourselves inside.


How do you prevent artistic burnout and get inspired again?

I never get burned out because my thoughts create my actions and words and formulate a vibrational environment in myself and around me that reinforces creativity and the best vibes to feel fulfilled every minute.

Share something important about your work that you want the viewer to be aware of.

My artwork has the purpose of elevating the consciousness of each of you my friends, towards personal satisfaction, inner joy and confidence in yourselves so that each time you observe one of my artworks you can elevate your spirit and your quality of life with a positive vibratory frequency.

Mariu F. Lacayo, QUANTUM TRIPOD, aluminum sculpture with resin and acrylic painting,  74 x 60 x 20 cm. 2017., e.png

What are you currently working on?

I am working on a variety of different textural sensations in every composition. Many of my patterns are abstract in subject matter though they can echo elements of geometry, stripes, or even florals. I love the way the soft movements break up each art piece and bestow visual interest. Washy colors, soft textures, and subtle tone variations are some of the reasons I work poetry with brushes and acrylic on canvas, methacrylate, steel threads and aluminum sculptures.