Meghan Quinn

Meghan Quinn is an artist living in Los Angeles, CA. She discovered photography while documenting protests and rallies growing up in the Washington, D.C. area. She received her BFA in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003. She has exhibited her work all over the U.S. and has been profiled in national and international publications and annuals. Quinn is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825.


Growing up we lived paycheck to paycheck surrounded by a very affluent community that always had what was new and expensive without much care as to what it cost. As a child, you grow up with these symbols of wealth and what a happy life is through toys. A beautiful figure who is seemingly perfect; perfect life, perfect boyfriend, perfect friends. She has it all; closet full of the newest fashions, multiple fancy cars for every occasion, and a dream home. I brought these toys into our reality. I created a world where for whatever reason the dream home has been abandoned and left in ruins. Multiple waves of occupants have passed through making a shelter out of what was left behind. Fittingly, I was down to my last few rolls of Kodak Portra VC; a beautiful film that electrifies magenta and yellow hues that have since been discontinued. I wanted to send it off in the best possible way. This series is my love letter to that film.