Michael Dandley

“After we have touched a landscape, the landscape still has a future. These paintings explore lands fatigued from human use. 

Echoes of today resonate within these spaces - looming anxieties of war, environmental disaster, and commonplace infrastructure give the impression that the scenes represented are not too far from our own. 

Many are cast in a future where people are gone, but their footprints remain. Physical structures crumble, yet emotional energies remain - depicted by surreal color and lighting. If places know they have a purpose, Dreamscapes imagines they carry that memory into the future even after we have forgotten them.  

The future includes the past, the human touch; it is hopeful and discouraging, a daydream and nightmare.

Born in 1991. Michael Dandley has lived and worked in Portsmouth, New Hampshire since receiving his BFA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst."