Michael F. Kondel 

I'm painting from a distant memory of growing up on a farm in Michigan, using the barn as a storage unit, so to say. For me the barn provides a rich language visually and conceptually. Texture, colors, and emotions I’ve experienced correlate to and are mapped throughout the architectural structure. This structure allows me to compartmentalize and organize thoughts and actions I remember as I think back and contemplate what they mean to me now. The idea of the barn as a stand in for the body has begun to influence the work. Like a body, I begin to see the barn as a place that harbors birth, stores energy, and holds a history. The barn is where I learned to nurture others and about self-sufficiency; it becomes a symbol of survival to me as I decipher my inherited knowledge that has been passed down through generations of farming. 

Raised on a farm outside of Flint, Michigan, Michael Kondel received his BFA at SUNY Purchase, NY. After working as a Master Printer for seven years, Kondel is currently pursuing his Master’s degree at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His work has been featured in New American Paintings and has been shown in NY, AZ, MI, PA.