Michelle Heslop

Michelle is a Canadian artist living in Victoria, British Columbia. Inspired by her home’s location just a couple of blocks from the Salish Sea, Michelle’s work explores the mutable abstract landscapes of the seaside. Informed by her connection to the natural world and how the environment impacts our sense of well-being, she captures organic forms, lines, and textures that invite ease and contemplation for the viewer. Characterized by vivid colors and natural shapes stitched together with mark making, each piece represents a dialogue of interconnectedness. 

“I work from observation, quiet contemplation and intuition, revealing my own interpretation of island life.” 

Initially working primarily in acrylics, Michelle's work has expanded to the use of watercolour and ink on heavy watercolour paper, canvas, and Terraskin. Intrigued by the unpredictable nature of watercolour and ink, her aim is to lose herself in the process and not always control the outcome. Working from spontaneity and intuitiveness to explore a variety of compositions from molecular worlds to the expansive rocky topography typical of Vancouver Island, Michelle's colours intersect and blend while mark making becomes the punctuation to form a nature-inspired narrative. 

You can find Michelle's work in private collections across North America and Europe, featured on loomandkiln.com and in Biophilia, an urban nursery boutique downtown Victoria. You can follow her daily progress @michelleheslop on Instagram.