‘SUAIKA’ ART PANELS: A Creative Collaboration in (Washi) Paper & Pigment 

April 2, 2018   Tokushima, Japan

Inquiries: Craig Anczelowitz  


‘SUAIKA’ ART PANELS: A Creative Collaboration in (Washi) Paper & Pigment 

SUAIKA (‘SU’ = Sumi  / ‘AI’ = Aizome (Indigo)  / KA=Kakishibu (Persimmon)

Venerable 8th generation papermaker, Awagami Factory proudly launches a new creative collaboration between Japanese indigo artisan, Mieko Fujimori + American designer, Craig Anczelowitz. 16 contemporary art panels crafted with purely organic pulp and pigments locally sourced in Tokushima; An East-meets-West art collection steeped in tradition yet thoroughly modern.


BAMBOO FOREST Deeply rooted in Japanese culture, Bamboo has touched nearly every aspect of life here for centuries – these art panels follow in the storied tradition. The plants unique combination of strength and suppleness is celebrated in this work as bamboo elegantly stretches across a snow-like paper landscape

SHIFU Traditional Japanese paper string (shifu) lends its name to these works. Contrasting tones in a double-layered composition provide a wonderful depth in each piece. Because of subtle variations in organic pigment and handmade washi, each panel serves as a beautiful ode to nature and the Japanese craft tradition.

YANAGI’S surface waves gracefully in an elegant composition of texture & tone. Made by repeated folding and dip-dyeing in Tokushima’s famed indigo, each art panel is a singular creative expression of master artisan, Mieko Fujimori.

MOSAIC is crafted from extra thick hand-cast paper; a specialty of Awagami master papermakers and feature a dramatic interplay of organic and geometric forms resulting in compositions that are both visually and texturally impressive



Craig Anczelowitz (b. NY, NY 1966)

Since 1997, Craig has worked alongside master craftsmen in Italy, India, Thailand and Japan honing his creative skills. HIs award-winning home décor, toys and stationery designs may be found in many of the worlds’ best retail stores and curated boutiques.  Craig has served as guest design lecturer at Parsons and Pratt Schools of Design, NY School of Visual Arts and has more recently lead workshops in Thailand aimed at fostering young Thai design talent.

Mieko Fujimori (b. Tokushima, Japan 1951)

 Awagami Factory’s Mieko Fujimori has been carrying on the tradition of Tokushima indigo “aizome” natural dyeing for nearly 30 years having learned the skills from her mother-in-law, craftswomen Tsune Fujimori. Mieko-sans indigo washi papers have more and more become an integral part of Awagamis overall creative milieu and have recently been featured in articles for ANA airlines, Casa Brutus and NHK.