Molly Catherine Scannell 

Molly Catherine Scannell Words have never been my friend. I consider myself mostly, a visual social hermit. I love my friends intensely and love having fun, but I will always sneak away and mostly, curiously, secretly observe the world as it whirls around me with a big smile.

I have learned much from 'living' a big life and the people living around me, including the ‘familiar strangers’ and familiar friends. I often see them in my work. I love people, making, working with teams, and being absolutely ‘100% solo’. Also, I deeply love mentoring and learning new things everyday. I maintain my identity as not only and artist but as a working mother/woman because it brings so much deep responsibility to me. The best kind, which is the kind you must curate and grow with unyielding passion. You MUST own it. My three daughters will learn this; know that they have choices to be whomever they want to be in life - no matter how hard. They get to write and direct the opening scene as they see fit. That is how I feel about the art I make. They are windows really, to mostly somewhere, hopefully, amazingly fantastic.

I feel as though I have purpose and meaning to why I do what I do everyday- it’s fueled by passion and desire... my minimal requirements. I often reflect on my own childhood and how precious it was that has made me who I am today. It was a magical space to cultivate curiosity and creativity. I wish there was more of that purity in the world today.

Live your everyday as a gift…..or as often as you can.