Molly C Scannell

Enchanted places: capturing fire flies in mason jars buzzing in and out of the daylilies on the edges of the woods on warm summer evenings. Picking blueberries for the local artists for quarters and the opportunity for cliff jumping in their private quarries. A sitting Model for sculptors and painters with the distant sounds of the local classical station, tapping of brushes and the deep burning smell of turpentine. Pig Roasts & drawing in the streets with charcoal bricks. Lanesville. This is where I was born and grew to fall in love with the arts and the art of being. 

I love to make things. I love to create things. I love to build and collaborate on things. Collage is a favorite medium of mine, as it has the ability to change the way we see things on an everyday level. It also allows for the flexibility of manipulation with my hands through paper, glue & scissors. Which also translates to the digital realm as well. It’s experimental and constantly evolving and allows me the space to have no inhibitions, what-so-ever.

Art is an amazing experience that has given me a place to Its about sharing, collaborating, being inspired & following your dreams - however, you can. Even if only 5 minutes a day, 10 minutes a week.....or just spending the time to pause and look at beautiful things out in the wild. I would not trade being in and surrounded by all kinds of art for anything in the world.