Art Miami Exhibitor Highlight: Nancy Hoffman

President of Nancy Hoffman Gallery

520 West 27th Street
New York, New York 10001

Joseph Raffael,  Peony for Reuben , Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Joseph Raffael, Peony for Reuben, Nancy Hoffman Gallery

What is the gallery's focus at this year's fair?

An overview of the best and newest works by gallery artists including mini-solos by several artists, as well as paintings, photographs, video, sculpture, created for the Miami Art Fair. 

 Two monumental works by Hung Liu based on photographs of Dorothea Lange, 7 x 7 feet, riveting images from the Dust Bowl and Depression.

Are there specific artists or works that collectors should pay attention to at your booth?

We are only bringing works we want visitors to pay attention to.  The new Hung Liu monumental pieces, the new Raffael watercolors of flowers of small scale, and the new Nicolas Africano glass figure sculptures are particular highlight this year.

What trends have you noticed in the art market over the past few years?

The biggest trend I have noticed in the art market over the years is pluralism.

What are some of your favorite aspects of being a part of Art Miami?

The fact that visitors often say it is their favorite of all the Miami fairs.  There is an energy and excitement in the aisles of the fair, of discovery.

Hung Liu,  In the South , Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Hung Liu, In the South, Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Please give our readers a few tips for making the most of attending art fairs based on your experience. 

Take the necessary time to walk through the fair and then revisit the stands with works of art that speak to you.  Learn as much as you can from the dealers about the artists and the works of art.

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