Nick Robles

Nick Robles began his art career as a young boy with his first set of Crayola crayons, tempera paints, and Elmer’s Glue. Sticking to his roots set deep in the 80s, Nick’s work retains a childish spirit with plenty of color, funky shapes, and sense of adventure. It wasn’t until after he received a BA at Sonoma State University and moved to Portland, Oregon that he began to focus on using his printmaking knowledge for a textile and photography based body of work. Now a resident of Brooklyn, New York, Nick has established a studio where he works in a variety of mediums that include painting, textiles, and photography.

By infusing personality and energy into inanimate material through portraiture, I explore personal identity and what it is to be a conscious being. I experiment with different processes and unorthodox materials as I search for new applications and results that excite me, all while allowing the images to evolve as I work to better explore this theme. Often working by the seat of my pants, I frequently make new discoveries mid-shoot. As I work within each series, I find my work to be constantly changing and maturing much as we all do as we venture out into the world. The images I create reflect a playful childhood interest in my environment and the unknown.