Patricia Castillo-Bellido

My artwork led me to discover numerous forms of translucence, which involves the fragmentary decomposition of light – cold colors, reflected while warm ones pass through the translucent environment. The effect resulting from the passage of light through translucent environments result in opalescence. Currently, there is a wide range of translucent colors, conventional or unusual, that I enjoy painting and feel the silence and music of light and colors. Canvas and acrylic colors can be set to have translucent properties in the production process; by overlapping several transparent veil colors, I generate various degrees of translucence.

Translucent paintings set and maintain enchanting, meditative ambiances, which leave their impression upon one’s senses and spirit. Veil over veil is the way mind and spirit function in each of us, which is why veiled colors unite and connect everything in the Universe. The veil creates the illusion of physical separation, but we can reach an ever more expanded experience of ourselves and all existence if we feel those colors over colors, in the same way I represent them in my abstract paintings.

Our lives can actually be a great game for exploring consciousness for those who see the veil colors of our lives for what they are and understand that even as we are physically separate here, spiritually we are all intimately interconnected in this divine cosmic colorful dance.

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