Phyllis Gorsen

Phyllis Gorsen, born in Philadelphia, PA, works predominantly in the medium of painting. Her work, a mixture of abstraction and representation, focuses on how the commonality of shared patterns connects people together by using symbolism. Gorsen received her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. She has shown her paintings extensively throughout the Philadelphia region including curating and participating in a group show a Philadelphia’s ARTSPACE 1241 in 2016 and having a solo show at Rittenhouse 1715 in 2015. She has received several honors for her work. Many of her paintings in are in collections including the Camden County Historical Commission. She currently works out of her studio located in South Philadelphia.


I focus on how the commonality of shared patterns connects people by using symbolism. I explore this through a duality of abstraction and representation. The abstraction comes in the form of dynamic geometric compositions that upon further exploration reveals elements of the familiar and commonplace. These elements are representational and symbolic; some are recognizable and others are pictorial interpretations of various facets of the human experience such as language, technology, spirituality, environment, culture, etc. These components are bridged together with strong lines illustrating how these elements form a shared, communal bond that connects us to one another. These multi-canvas geometric designs are intended to move the eye using energetic patterns, movement and vibrancy. My titles also play an important role in telling the story of each piece. My hope is that viewer is captivated by the visual allure of the surface to allow for a slow unveiling of the meaning of the work.