The Art of Cocktails: Podcast Interview with Justin Anthony, Co-Founder of Artwork Archive

On this episode, Kat chats with Justin Anthony about his creative upbringing, being the co-founder of Artwork Archive along with John Feustel, serving the art community and celebrating the art of cocktails through his new ventures. 

Justin explains the features of Artwork Archive and how it can help artists navigate the "not-so-sexy" aspects of their career and help them make a living doing what they love. Artwork Archive is an online resource that provides artists and collectors powerful, easy-to-use tools to organize and manage their artwork.

This episode also touches on the importance of self care, striving for balance in our schedules on more!

Justin's Cocktail Spots:

About Artwork Archive

"A small team based out of of Denver CO, we are made up of artists, entrepreneurs, developers, writers, designers and explorers. We built Artwork Archive to give artists and collectors a better way to manage their art.

We've been doing this since 2010 and were one of the first cloud-based art inventory systems. We serve thousands of artists, collectors and organizations from 50 different countries.

We work closely with our users to build the best possible art management system for their needs. Our program is accessible enough for early-stage artists or collectors and powerful enough for some of the largest organizations. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service."