Introducing Our Printing Partners: Printi!

Interview with Daynah Leblanc from Printi

Printi is a Boston-based online printer that caters specifically to creative professionals, from graphic designers to small businesses and marketers. We specialize in cost-effective, custom-printed products in varying sizes, substrates and finishes that will help you make a visual impact.

Our online printing solutions cover a wide range of products, including books, magazines, marketing materials, signage, and art prints. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptionally finished products to our valued customers, and provide an intuitive user experience – simply configure your product, upload your files, and you’re done! 

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When was Printi founded and what is the story behind the brand?

Printi entered the Brazilian printing industry in 2012. Printi entered the US market in 2017 and eventually joined forces with Pixartprinting NA. With both companies servicing the same audience and providing many of the same products, it only made sense to merge! Since then, the company and product portfolio has only grown and we have been able to provide better quality, prices, and offerings. 

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What do you hope to provide to your clients that other printing companies are not doing?

We aim to provide a various amount of high quality products at the lowest prices. We have the latest tools in the Web2Print industry that simplify and streamline the complex process of ordering custom materials. 

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What products and services do you offer that could be helpful to artists and creatives?

We offer sample packs of our products, allowing artists and creatives the chance to gain an idea of what their product could potentially be printed on- whether that be their business cards, magazines or banners for trade show essentials. We also match prices! If someone finds a product that we offer, but on a competitor's site for a lower price, we match prices. We want to be the printer that helps fuel creativity!  

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What is something you are currently excited about within your company?

As our team has continued to grow, we’ve recently moved offices to a new location in Boston- 109 State Street. We’re excited to welcome new members and be able to offer our followers more content and creative inspiration geared towards their interests! Also - continue to stay tuned to our product offerings. We’re excited about some new offerings on our current products that are different from our competitors. 

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How can we learn more about your products and brand?

The best way to learn more about our products and brand is to stay tuned to our social sites- Instagram (@printiusa), Twitter (@printiUSA), Facebook (/printiUSA), LinkedIn (/company/printiusa/), and Pinterest (/printiusa0347)! And signing up for our weekly newsletter allows our clients to be the first to know about our discounts and special offers.