Roderick Hidalgo

Roderick Hidalgo is a self-taught resin artist living and working in Wilmington, DE. With a drive and passion for exploration, Hidalgo's work has shifted between painting, sculpting, metal and woodwork. His most current work, created with resin and powdered pigment, encompasses all of the above and has launched his career into a unique niche. Hidalgo's work can be found in private collections in 20 states across the US and Canada and has been exhibited at the Delaware Contemporary and Chris White Gallery. His involvement in the local art community led him to begin his teaching career, teaching art at the Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington in 2013. He has curated exhibitions in partnership with Moving Parts Collective, ART WRX and CreateinWilm. Hidalgo has worked with the Creative Vision Factory as the lead mural artist at the Chris Sturmfelds Youth Center. Most recently, his works have been displayed at the Delaware Contemporary’s Annual Gala and the Moving Parts Collective at The Mill Space. Hidalgo is currently in the final stages of planning for RH Gallery and Studios in Hockessin, DE which is set to open in the beginning of April, 2017.


“My works are a synthesis of art and science; bringing the two together to recreate specific natural elements of the environments that surround us all on a daily basis. Gaining a deeper understanding of nature and being present to see the little moments that I otherwise might miss is what my work is all about. By combining organic compounds, powdered pigments, beeswax and liquid resin, this unique process has given me the ability to paint and display life of all forms, down to the very cells which create it. The result of marrying these mediums allows me to create my own habitats as if the canvas itself were a living entity.”