Rosie Wright 

Inspired by the patterns and beauty found in nature, I interpret my designs using traditional embroidery methods which I try to add a modern twist to. I use a wide variety of beads, sequins and thread to create textured colour combinations. I have a slight obsession with collecting intricate beads in different shapes and colours, and I am always searching for the interesting and obscure to create something unique.

My Grandmothers initially taught me to sew, but now I find the best way to learn new stitches and techniques is to search through antique books from the past, which also brings a sense of nostalgia.

There are so many areas of creativity and design that interest me, and I have worked within couture, bridal and dyeing studios, all of which have had an influence on my work. At the moment my journey has brought me to work as a milliner which in itself is an artform and a great way of transforming designs to be more 3d with a sense of sculpture.

Originally from Devon, I am now based in London and dedicate my spare time to producing embroidered pieces of art as well as scouting for places to open my imagination. I am currently creating a collection inspired by geometry, merging simple shapes with detailed patterns and textures.