Sara Hupas

Born in 1987 in Prudnik. A graduate PLSP name of John Cybis in Opole. In 2007-2010, Hupas was a student of the Opole Institute of Art, studying Art Education. She received a degree in sculpture studio under the direction of Prof. Marian Molenda. Since 2010, she has been a student of sculpture at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Currently, she is preparing a diploma work in the Sculpture Studio IV, which leads Prof. Jozef Murzyn and an annex to the diploma in collaboration with Prof. Krzysztof Nitsch (Studio of Sculpture in Metal) and Mrs. Prof. Ewa Janus (Drawing Studio III).


I’m interested in the evolution of matter in the activities of sculpture, from the small mold to the realization of the monumental. I undertake the tasks of conceptual and experimental. Derive from the phenomena / situation / specific properties of matter. I listen to the reality and captures it contains complexities that converts into your own language. Exploration in the structure give impetus to the transformations, transmit meanings. Although usually I work on the basis of abstraction, the works contain an emotional element, which refers to the psyche and the human experience. In embodiments involving a space counts consistency with the environment. Projects grow into place, interact with it and establish a dialogue. Their specificity requires constant research, thanks to each exposure is unique.