Sarah Daya

Sarah Daya was born and raised in Santa Barbara, Ca. She currently works and resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sarah graduated with a BFA in Fine Art from the California College of Art in San Francisco. 

Growing up the only daughter of a single mother, Daya has been heavily influenced by the imaginary worlds that she created for herself as a child. Sarah spent much of her childhood in the solitude of nature where she discovered her fascination with her own body’s connection to the earth. Her work today reflects this deep interest. Sarah’s paintings are intimate portraits and short glimpses into a world within a world. She creates voyeuristic images that focus in on the shapes of the female form as they exist intimately with nature. She believes that women and nature are mysterious and evocative, and strives to portray the illusiveness of both. Daya uses oil paint to convey a depth and richness in her representations of the body and plants.