Sarah Winkler

Sarah Winkler lives and works near Denver, Colorado. Originally from Manchester, England, Winkler studied Art and Earth Science at William Patterson University. She has exhibited her work nationally in solo and group exhibitions at K Contemporary, Space Gallery, RH Contemporary Art, Helikon Gallery, Gallery MAR, The Thoreau Center for Sustainability, Fouladi Projects Gallery, Berkeley Art Center, and Gallerie Citi. Art commissions have been placed in private and corporate art collections internationally. These include Chevron, Marriott, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, One Empire Pass, Montage, Deer Valley Resort, Hilton West Palm Beach, Viceroy, Mountain Shadows and The Cosmopolitan Hotel. Winkler's art has been featured in Scientific American Magazine, New American Paintings, Dwell, Mountain Living Magazine, and Alpine Modern Magazine.

My approach to landscape painting involves selecting textural elements of mountain or desert geology and rearranging them into a utopian vision of Open Space where the only human encroachment in these invented worlds is the artist and the viewer. 

I begin in a miniature collage format, creating fully realized landscape compositions. I scale up these paper sketches by hand drawing them onto wood panels and recreating their colors and textures in a large scale with acrylic media. The hard edge, sectional quality to my imagery reflects the many layered strata, deposited over time, that makes the whole scene appear quite natural. The artistic techniques used both in creating my collage papers and in applying the paint not only reflect the geological forces of landscape accretion and corrosion, but also reenact them. I often use crushed minerals embedded into the paint and apply resists of ground water, wind, friction and heat to erode the painted surfaces. 

In viewing these luminous mountainous worlds, I hope that they seem sentimentally familiar. That the environments carry an air of nostalgia and wonder about the natural world as if you are discovering a place for the first time. 

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