Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter’s paintings are rooted in tradition and constructed with imagination. They are about the arrangement of textures, colors, shapes and figures. Thriving on the anxiety of persistence in solving problems he has created for himself, Scott trusts that the language of the brushstroke, the scratches, drips and arrangement of often disparate images can be coaxed in a certain direction. The destination is an end that speaks to something greater than a deft hand or a beautiful mark – an end that provides a meaningful connection to the mind and spirit. 

Working in both a representational and non-representational manner he produces two distinct bodies of work. Both tend to evoke a specific place or memory. The construction of each resonates with emotional presence and rewards repeated and sustained viewing. 

Scott Hunter studied painting and art history at Boston University. He graduated in 1993 after a classically structured education based on intensive studio training and drawing from life. His related experience includes theatrical set design, illustration, commissioned portraits and wall murals. Scott lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is represented in many private and public collections.