Interview: Portia Makoma/Silence is Accurate

Silence is Accurate transforms public and corporate spaces into tranquil havens which are referred to as ART ESCAPES. These innovative conversions create environments where communities gather to rejuvenate, connect with their inner creativity, improve mood, emotional intelligence and inspire critical thinking.

How did you come up with the idea for Silence Is Accurate? When did you start this project? 

It started as a passion project. A love for art, creating and storytelling inspired SIA. The idea was to create an artist interview archive filled with some of our generation’s most inspiring visual artists. It led to many magical studios where I interviewed incredible creators and shared that on the platform.

Those encounters left me feeling excited, yet clear-minded and calm. Needing to share these feelings with others offline, I started ‘art experiences,’ which led to more curating, consulting and growing with artists. 

What do you look for when you select artists for your "experiences?"

It depends on the concept of the experience. I’m usually drawn to unconventional, process driven work. Art that creates a dialogue about our generation’s identity and environment. With the ‘art escapes,’ the works are meditative, quiet, minimal and likely site-specific installations.

Describe what each event is like and what you hope visitors and viewers get from it. 

I aim to incorporate some form of silence to each experience. 

Art escapes almost always involve sound meditations. 

With Erik Otto’s recent opening, SIA hosted a Slow Silent Art Night to encourage a focus on the art of seeing. 

For the live painting experience, Sunrise, SIA supplied guests with art tools, and they were encouraged to create alongside Angelo Giokas. Guests expressed, through text and sketches, what keeps them going every day #WhatWakesYouUpInTheMorning.

I hope guests leave each experience or escape feeling different and wanting to explore that. Feeling connected, inspired and perhaps with a new piece of artwork that they want to live with forever.