Sofie Pihl

I'm interested in the concept of reality, how it is perceived and filtered, and how it is in constant fluctuation between what was and what will be.

 I'm intrigued and fascinated by the technical aspects of the photographic medium, and in my work I seek to experiment with and push the boundaries of conventional photographic technique. In my process of mechanical experimentation (in camera) combined with digital experimentation in the post processing phase, I want to free the photograph from the constraints of documenting reality as we usually know it. 

Traditionally, a photograph captures a single moment in time. In my work, I try to expand that instant, by letting movement draw itself into the picture. This way, the instant can stretch itself towards infinity, and the picture becomes a living scene that you can enter, leave, and come back to again.

I’m also very interested in filtering, sublimating and transforming my original images, by cutting them up and reassembling them, or by perforating and embroidering them with patterns. 

The embroidery breaks the surface of the print and enters a visual dialogue with the photographic image, at the same time merging with it to become a new entity of its own.

I work with both Nikon and Hasselblad cameras.