Stefanie Thiele

What frightens me more than life itself is being regarded as ordinary. In my work, I examine an invisible sickness. My struggle with anxiety has pushed me further and further into the world of abstract art. The daily decision of hiding or highlighting certain character traits – mental or physical – is translated into compositions heavily dependent on the layering of contrasting colours onto opaque and transparent surfaces. 

I am a spirited person that takes everything a little too seriously. 
I am an introvert with an inescapable urge to entertain. 
I often feel rushed and constantly afraid of being boring. 
I overwork my pieces as much as I overthink my choices; 
always apprehensive about not using an opportunity to its full potential. 

But some things are just not mine to decide... Giving up control is a vital part and a self-set challenge for the creation of every artwork. My process is a constant making and breaking of self-imposed rules – a back and forth between deliberate acting and intuitive reacting. Introducing abstract elements into the real world (or vice versa) adds a twist of surrealism to my life, thus making it lose its soul-crushing gravity. 

I see my paintings as a directory of suppressed cravings and roads not taken. I am providing a surface for memories to be rediscovered and relived; a catalogue of “what ifs” and “could have beens”.