Interview: Stephanie Hirsch

Stephanie Hirsch appropriates iconoclastic images and sayings and infuses them with the anarchistic spirit from whence they came. Through her use of beads, sequins and embroidery, Hirsch's canvases are literally 'illuminated' with words of enlightenment and hope. Her simple text and quips often cause the viewer to question their moral standings and beliefs, all the while offering aesthetically charged images that are simultaneously foreign and familiar.

Hirsch states, "Mental and physical blockages in life are often self-inflicted, both literally and figuratively. I explore my journey through life as a quest to uncover the truth around me and to express my position through the multifaceted meanings inherent to the words we use and actions we do."

Stephanie Hirsch is currently the PS3 artist in residence through Art Production Fund at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Her residency runs from April 15 – May 10.

When did you first start using text and positive messages in your work? 

In 2008 I had a dark night of the soul where literally and figuratively my life shattered and my shell cracked open. I desperately needed to pull myself out from the darkness. Words have power, and spirit guided me to put the eternal truths of hope and enlightenment onto the canvas. 

It's refreshing to see such inspiring words and sayings in the midst of the current art world chaos. Does your work have a personal meaning to you? 


Yes, it is everything to me (besides my kids). It is my meditation, my soul, my lover, my friend. I read a beautiful saying that "art reflects the times and it is the job of the artist to speak of the eternal truths." In these times of darkness and chaos where so much negativity bombards us, I use my gift to connect to a higher consciousness. If my work resonates and uplifts others, I am blessed. 

How long have you been an artist? Tell us about your creative journey. 

I was born an artist. I don’t know any other way than to create from what soars within my soul. My first endeavor into the artistic world was as a fashion designer. I created works of art on a resort and swimwear. When I sold my company in 2008, another form of artistry came to me, and that was to work on canvas. 

Congratulations on your recent success at Art Miami. What would you say helped push your art career to the next level? What tips would you share with our readers? 

Thank you! I authentically live from my truth. If this inspires others and gets them to gravitate to my work I am grateful. Each and every one of us is given our own divine gift. It is our job while in physical form to find it, devour it and release it into the universe. 

How important is fun and experimentation to you? Describe a typical day in the studio. 

I deeply love what I do. I am constantly reading, meditating and connecting to source. Experimentation and joy are a constant in my life and art. My studio is my solitude. 

What are your plans for the near future? What should be we on the lookout for?

I am finishing up my 5th solo show at Lyons Wier Gallery in NYC this winter. I have a busy spring ’17. I am participating in 2 group shows and have a solo show out West (details shortly). I am also working on a public art installation.