Self-Expression and Healing in the Abstract Paintings by Svitlana Martynjuk


The use of powerful colors within my work has been an important part of my own healing and learning process. Every speckle, every brush stroke has purpose in the exploration of self and tells a story through the safe space of each canvas. My history, my culture, my purpose. An identity lost amongst the expectations of society and its constant mislabeling of body and meaning. I represent these struggles and my existence through a vibrant palette to show not only the freedom to exist as I am, but to find joy in these tangled emotions and portray the brighter side of letting go.


Svitlana Martynjuk was born and raised in the beautiful western capital region of Rivne, Ukraine. The memories of her great-grandmother’s quaint cottage home, nestled in the quiet Ukrainian countryside, bring to her many fond emotions and influence much of her work today.

Svitlana’s interest in art has been born the second she remembered sitting on her mom’s lap as a child, drawing with a blue pencil. She later would move to the United States where she completed her education in Fine Arts, Psychology, and Strategic Management. Inspired by the human mind and with a fascination for nature, she is a traveler at heart and appreciates experience through interaction and exploring the complexities of diversity in people. Her work is in private collections all over the world and includes a wide array of commissioned pieces, published book illustrations, and collaborations with both West Elm, Minted, to name a few.