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How We Started Collecting Art on a Budget and Why It Is Important to Us

By Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig

From Kat:

Working with hundreds of artists through Create! Magazine over the past several years has given me an incredible opportunity to discover beautiful and affordable works. I had the privilege of decorating my apartment on a budget because I was exposed to artists working in all mediums, styles, and price points. 

It first started off as trades with my own work, and later evolved to me purchasing some of my favorite pieces to add to my ever-growing collection. 

What makes owning original art special, instead of settling for a cheap canvas print from Ikea or Marshall’s is that your space will have a completely unique vibe, curated based on your visual aesthetic. It will make it so much more fun to entertain your guests because each piece has a story that you can share. I don’t know about you, but I want to cultivate an interesting life both inside and outside of my home. 

Having been both the buyer and seller of artwork, I love the process. For example, it makes me so proud to share my growth with those who invested in my work early in my career. I bet the gentleman that purchased my first large painting in 2012 is excited to see me move on to exhibit at international art fairs, work with bigger galleries, and be featured by leading blogs and publications. It’s exciting for the collector to feel as if they are a part of the artist’s journey and evolution and that they were a part of making their success happen. On the flip side, I love seeing the artists I traded with or purchased from move on to reach higher levels and increase their value in the art market. More than anything, having my community literally surround me inside my home brings me immense joy and comfort. 

If you are ready to upgrade your living space and truly make it unique, exciting, and full of the energy of the creatives that you love, take the first step and buy your favorite thing that you can afford at the moment. Most artists and galleries will work with you and can even offer a payment plan if you don’t have cash upfront for a larger piece. I have frequently let my collectors pay as low as $100 per month for larger paintings. 

A few months ago, Alicia Puig and I launched our online platform, PxP Contemporary, which will help you get started on your art collection. We wanted to create a space where new collectors can order a piece they love without awkward interactions, especially if you are new to buying art. Shop our collection of affordable works ranging from $100-$2000 to help you get started! If you aren’t quite sure which piece you want to buy first, don’t be shy about contacting an artist you’ve been following on Instagram to get more information about their work and pricing or you can look for local gallery exhibitions where you might just find something you fall in love with. With any of the works exhibited with PxP Contemporary, you can always email us with questions at We’re happy to help!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces which are available at PxP Contemporary:

From Alicia:

Looking back to our days in college, perhaps it was always meant to be that Kat and I would be working on a gallery project together. She was technically my very first art purchase! While we were both pursuing our BFA degrees at Kutztown University, I fell in love with a beautiful landscape piece with a country home pictured against a vivid pink background that she had painted and mustered up the courage to ask her if I could buy it. At the time, we knew each other through working at an off-campus gallery, but weren’t as close as we are now so I wasn’t sure what she would say. Luckily, she agreed, gave me a price that I could fit into my student budget, and I started to realize that I could afford to collect art that I loved. I simply had to ask or else I’d never know. As I started in my career, I was able to continue to learn more about buying art from working in galleries. I learned about asking for discounts and payment plans, but also continued to buy directly from artists as well. 

For me, like with Kat, my apartment would never feel complete without art on the walls. It both looks and feels empty. Whenever I move into a new place, I get anxious until I start to curate the space because without art, it doesn’t yet have that same feeling of being my ‘home’. So this ends up being one of the very few aspects of moving that I actually enjoy, ha!

The artworks I hang around me also serve as a reminder of wonderful artists who I have worked with in the past and places I have visited, the lovely friends and family who have purchased art for me, or are just pieces that make me happy when I look at them! One of the most beautiful things about art is that it is so emotional and personal. You have the power to find art that speaks to you and surround yourself with it. It can bring consistent reminders of positive memories and spark feelings of joy. Who wouldn’t want that? 

More than the aesthetic part of collecting, however, I also enjoy that I’m supporting someone else’s career. While it is exciting to buy art from big names that you may have seen in history books or museums, it is so important to invest in the current generation of living artists. The artists who are household names now usually had patrons or other buyers back in their day and the majority definitely wouldn’t have been able to continue their work without them. This is probably the art historian in me talking, but if we don’t support those working today, how will they be able to leave their mark? Many are worried about making ends meet, not making history. So let’s make sure that we’re all doing what we can to support each other in this community. 

Not to mention, there is so much talent in a vast array of mediums both traditional and new and it is wonderful that today there is even greater recognition for women artists, artists of color, and LGBTQIA artists. We can all find our niche. Therefore, with a little bit of research you will definitely find someone’s work that is really meaningful to you. I certainly have!

These are all reasons why we created PxP Contemporary. We wanted a place that makes collecting easy: not intimidating, not complicated, not expensive, and not low quality. We’ve curated a selection of work by incredible artists from around the world and given them a platform to showcase their art and tell their stories. If you aren’t familiar with PxP yet, I invite you to take a look. I hope you’ll join us! 

In addition to our website: you can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with gallery news and exhibitions.

The first exhibition curated by PxP Contemporary!

The first exhibition curated by PxP Contemporary!

Studio Sunday: Kristen Elizabeth

We’re bringing back Studio Sundays and this weekend we’re so excited to be introducing you to one of our PxP Contemporary artists, Kristen Elizabeth! Learn more in our interview below and then don’t forget to check our her available works in our premiere exhibition ‘Pilot’, which is currently on view online!

Artist Biography:

Connecticut based artist, Kristen Elizabeth (b.1986) formally educated in Industrial Design, has been developing her unique artistic voice over the past several years. Having grown up on the coast, she is heavily influenced by the sea and the dynamic tension between power and balance that can be observed around us. Her work seeks to draw viewers in through bold movement and a counterbalance of intricate mark making. Her use of a wide variety of materials such as acrylic, graphite, pastel, and more creates a visual statement that can be experienced on multiple levels. In addition to her art, she has been involved in many creative projects including painting a 50ft tall likeness of Lebron James in Harlem's famed Rucker Park, as well as - developed a new logo and fashion illustrations for New York's influential FABB charity event.  Her work has been featured in multiple publications including Create! Magazine, Art Reveal Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.  


How did you first become interested in art and can you explain a bit of how it led you to the work you create today?

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for art. I grew up in a creative family and had practicing artists on both my mother & father’s side. I’ve always had a desire to be creative, but felt I had to be practical. Because of this, I majored in product design and was approaching graduation right at the beginning of the recession in 2008. The career and life I had been envisioning for the past four years all but evaporated, but this allowed me freedom from a traditional path and ultimately set me on the course to where I am today. It’s been quite a ride - with both highs and lows. I hope to express this dynamism that is life through my current and future works.

Describe your current studio or working area. What is most important about it or one thing that you definitely need in your creative space?

I currently divide my time between my small home studio and a larger studio space where I run my business, a children's art studio called SplatterBox. My space at home is peaceful, harmonious and filled with the books, art, and music I love. That space allows me to focus on smaller more contained works using mostly watercolors and inks. SplatterBox allows me the room to stretch out and work on larger pieces without worrying about making a mess - hence the name SplatterBox. That said, it can be a challenge! It can often be hectic & stressful but it is also highly rewarding. I was able to not only lead a fulfilling path teaching kids but also re-discover my passion for art amongst all the glitter, unicorns, & beautiful mess.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your work.

I really try to absorb my environment. I find the people and places around me to be incredible resources. I’ve found that some series tend to draw from specific experiences, while other inspiration could be found in more ethereal experiences. My ‘Mineral Girl’ series was completely inspired by a trip to the amazing mineral room at the Peabody Museum in New Haven, CT. To contrast that, my ‘Geo Swoosh’ & ‘'The Change’ series took from something much more intuitive and deep within myself. I spent much of my childhood by the sea and observed everything from grey misty mornings to deep dark raging storms. Drawing from these visual memories as well as exploring life experiences I had, helped guide my hand.  You can see this in everything from the large sweeping motions to the tapestry of delicate details and patterns.

What one piece of creative or business advice would you give to your younger self?

The one piece of advice I would give my younger self is DON’T WAIT. On pessimistic days I might see it as time wasted, but I have had a range of other experiences and challenges that inform my art today. That said, I held back from truly jumping into my art career for many years and wish I had started that path sooner. It can be intimidating to put yourself out there, but if you keep delaying and putting it off - you’ll never know what opportunities might come your way.

What are you working on now and for the rest of the year?

Right now I’m coming off of an exciting job working for FABB (The Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball) & can’t seem to stray from creating high contrast fashion illustrations. I’ve found these very cathartic and they allow me to create without the pressure of a series or having any constraints imposed (self or otherwise). I’m happy to say they have enabled me to gain a clear headspace and I now have two new series I’m in the process of designing. Both will be an expansion & evolution of my previous work. As a side note, I have to give a nod to the Podcast - Art & Cocktails - for the invaluable information learned while listening to the episode ‘How To Design A New Series’.

View her collection of available works with PxP Contemporary here!

PxP Contemporary Gallery Launch | 'Pilot' Exhibition

Create! Magazine and PxP Contemporary are pleased to announce the launch of our online gallery and first-ever exhibition, Pilot. Like the premiere episode of an exciting new television series, we are thrilled to be bringing you a first look at our platform, our artists, and our curatorial style. The story behind the gallery is simple: we want to create a place where buying affordable works by talented artists from around the world is a seamless digital experience.

This first show will bring together highlights from our new roster of represented artists as well as several additional artists that we've invited specifically for this exhibition:

Anna Shukeylo
Brooke Sauer
Eliana Marinari
Huy Lam
Jennifer Small
Jenny Brown
Kestin Cornwall*
Kristen Elizabeth
Marc Scheff
Michelle Lee Rigell
Molly Mansfield
Phyllis Gorsen
Samantha Boni*
Samantha Morris
Seth Remsnyder
Shamona Stokes
Veneta Karamfilova

Any questions regarding Pilot or the gallery in general can be addressed by contacting Co-directors Alicia Puig and Ekaterina Popova at

*Please note that italicized works are shipping from outside of the Unite States and require special shipping arrangements. If you are interested in purchasing works by these artists, please email us directly at Payment plans are available upon request.

Pilot Exhibition Preview

For full artwork details including size, medium and year, please visit:

Top Picks from the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

Showcasing 67 local, regional and international galleries representing contemporary artists from all over the world, the 2017 edition of Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam seemed to fulfill its promise of being bigger and brighter than its previous iterations. Held from November 2nd – 5th in the easily accessible Kromthouthal in Amsterdam North, the fair had a fabulous range of contemporary art including painting, photography, sculpture and more! All works were priced between €100 – €6,000, and 75% of the art on view was priced under €3,000. The Affordable Art Fair is the place for both seasoned and new collectors to discover, fall in love with and take art home!

Here are a few of our favorite galleries and artists! 

1. MAG - THE ART OF MAGAZINE PHOTOGRAPHY (below photo by Erik van den Elsen)

2. Tom Blachford (below photo) and Franco Defrancesca at ARTITLED contemporary


3. Jean-Pierre Kunkel at Galerie Marion Stoeter


6. Yvonne Michiels at De KunstSalon


8. Jeon Nak at Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 11.22.16 PM.png

10. Daan Oude Elferink at Ronen Art Gallery

All images courtesy of the artists and their respective galleries.

Coming soon! The 12th Edition of the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

We were so excited to be invited to preview the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam coming up at the beginning of November! Read on for more information about the fair and what to look for in this year's edition. 


The art fair for people who have never been to an art fair. The art fair for ‘’I didn’t know I even liked contemporary art’’ art lovers.  Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam returns for its 12th edition with 65 local, national and international galleries showcasing a wide range of contemporary art. With all art priced under a €6.000 limit (incl. VAT) there is something for everyone at the fair. 

Whether you’re looking for something for the living room – or another room – or hoping to discover something to add to your growing collection, there are thousands of unique pieces of art on display. From photography to sculpture, print, painting and mixed media. Abstract and classic. It’s a whirlwind of color and visual delights. 

The Affordable Art Fair believes that art enriches lives, so we want everyone to have it! We make it easy – by having a great selection on sale with all the prices visible. This means that our gallerists are happy to help and can spend time telling you about the artist behind your new unique work. Browse, think, have a break, browse some more. Luckily, we have a great bar and restaurant to sit down and catch your breath. With some light bites and a drink under your belt, you’re ready to look again. 

Still wondering? This year you can join one of our guided tours – or catch one of our Art Talks. Or just hang out and watch our artist in residence at work. If you really know what you want – or think you do – but only have a limited amount of time, why not try out our personal shopper service? 

Tickets are €14 on the door. Kids under 16 get in free and we even welcome small to mid-sized dogs on leashes. And if you can’t decide which piece you want on your first visit – no problem! Just tell the gallery you’re interested in a piece and ask for our free re-entry pass so that you can come back.

See you in November!

Affordable Art Fair Battersea set to explore links between art and wellbeing
Hicks Gallery: Amy Judd,  Bath White

Hicks Gallery: Amy Judd, Bath White

In a bid to dust off London’s winter blues, next month’s Affordable Art Fair plans to unearth the links between art and wellbeing as new collections, workshops and practical sessions turnBattersea Park into a hub of serenity.

Taking place from Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th March, it will host a selection of artists and interactive workshops which explore the benefits of art when it comes to tranquillity, mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

Offering a feast for the eyes and soul, workshops – hosted by the likes of Paint Jam and City Lit – will include meditation classes surrounded by peaceful artworks and relaxing practical sessions such as paper folding. Mindful photography will even encourage busy snappers to take stock and appreciate the thousands of images they capture and share on social media day to day.

Jonathan Hillson

Jonathan Hillson

Championing up and coming artists, the fair’s Platform Projects installations will include a piece from Jonathan Hillson, who’ll explore art’s influence on our perception of beauty. His video installation, ‘I AM HUMAN' will stack TVs showing parts of the human body to create one giant image – inspired by Da Vinci’s depiction of the modern man. An immersive light sculpture called ‘Flown’ by Esther Rolinson and Sean Clark will also be unveiled, using hundreds of illuminated LEDs to create a cloud-like effect that floods with colour in response to any environmental changes around it.

Frames: Lucy Campbell,  Flights of Fancy

Frames: Lucy Campbell, Flights of Fancy

The four-day event will see a diverse line up of artists showcasing a mix of contemporary paintings, editioned prints, sculptures and photography – each selling at accessible prices from just £100 - £6,000.

Many will have drawn on their own experience of using art to aid their own wellbeing – including Platform Project artist Zac Greening who began his career as a means of therapy to cope with the loss of his father, and Sally Buchanan who left her busy job as a GP of 25 years to follow her dream and use art to explore the links between arts and wellbeing.

Sam Gare, Director of Affordable Art Fair Battersea, said: “There’s no doubt that art has the power to impact our day to day lives. Whether it’s simply immersing us into a different world or as a means of therapy, our artists and creative partners coming to Battersea next month can all draw on the positive impact art has had on their lives. We can’t wait to show visitors the effects for themselves as we kick off our first fair of the season next month.”

This year’s Charity Private View on Wednesday 8th March will be in support of Barnardo’s. The children’s charity will be announcing the winner of its competition ‘I Am’ – which called on school children to answer key questions about themselves, and their potential, through art in a bid to celebrate and empower them. The winning entry will be announced by artist Anthony Burrill on the night.

Gas Gallery: Kate Banazi,  CurvedSpace1

Gas Gallery: Kate Banazi, CurvedSpace1

The March edition comes hot off the heels of the launch of the fair’s new online shopping platform, which will offer art fans an opportunity to purchase artworks they may have fallen in love with – but missed out on – at the fair.

The Affordable Art Fair has revolutionised and democratised the art market with its accessible approach, bringing art under £6,000 to its three UK locations: Battersea Park, Hampstead Heath, and Bristol – all complemented by the new ecommerce platform.

It offers first time buyers and serious collectors a unique opportunity to browse and buy a huge variety of art under one roof, and has become a global phenomenon with 14 fairs in 10 cities across several continents.

The Affordable Art Fair Battersea opens its doors to the public on Thursday 9th March and runs until Sunday 12th March.

For tickets to all dates and further information, visit: