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Issue 13 Artists Announced

Congratulations to the artists selected for the Winter 2019 edition!

Guest Curator: Margaret Winslow, Curator of Contemporary Art, Delaware Art Museum

Margaret Winslow currently lives and works in Wilmington, Delaware where she is the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Delaware Art Museum. Margaret has curated for the Neuberger Museum of Art and The Delaware Contemporary and assisted with exhibits for the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Her recent exhibitions at the Delaware Art Museum include Dream Streets: Art in Wilmington 1970–1990, Retro-Active: Performance Art from 1964–1987, Anne Truitt: Luminosities, and Once Upon a Time in Delaware: In Quest of the Perfect Book, the most recent installment of Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books project. In 2010, she attended Independent Curators International’s Curatorial Intensive in New York and in 2015, she served as juror for Art of the State: Pennsylvania at the State Museum of Pennsylvania. Margaret holds a B.A. in Art History from the University of Mary Washington and an M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art, Theory, and Criticism from SUNY Purchase College.


Selected Artists

Erin Holscher Almazan

Martin Beck

Marit Geraldine Bostad

Lael Burns

Soojin Choi

Sarah Flood-Baumann

Leslie Fry

Holly Gray

Claira Heitzenrater (featured image)

Nanci Hersh

Annette Hur

Hun Kyu Kim

Eunmi Kim

Jackie Leishman

Riccardo Liotta

Eric Lubrick

Catarina Mantero

Jenniffer Omaitz

Jihyun Ra

Ashleigh Raizes

James Razko

Michael Reedy

Valerie Rey

Jiela Rufeh

Kristen Sabatelli

Young Shin

Ashley Smith

Beth Solin

Marisa Veerman

Anthony Vega

Darko Vuckovic

Brittany Watkins

Fukuko Yahagi-Harris

Alex Youkanna

Carson Zullinger

February/March 2018 Issue Contents

Congratulations to the artists selected by our guest curators the TAX Collection for the February/March 2018 edition. 

The TAX Collection is a New York based multi-media platform for artists, galleries and creatives. The organization has been featured in Forbes, Vogue Italy, Nylon Korea and more.  

"The TAX Collection is a multi-modal creative platform aimed at revolutionizing the way popular culture interacts within producer-consumer, artist-audience, and creator-user relationships. Culture stagnates around specific icons and imagery for no apparent reason; it simply just does. The general public has been duped, allowing themselves to be misled into subscribing to industry set standards and trends. Durkheim explains that anything can be considered sacred through the act of setting it apart. We pose the rhetorical question, ‘Who says?’ Sacred things are not set apart because they are special; sacred things are special because they are set apart. Just as in popular culture, trends dominate consumer desire and, in turn, creators and artists are tailored to design what the consumer considers trendy - stifling artistic freedom of expression." 

Issue 8 Contents



Romily Alice

Cracking Art

Brooke Didonato

Ben Evans

Jessie Makinson

Emma Repp

Pierre Schmidt


Nes Vuckovic


Highlight Artists

Zaria Foreman

Lisa Ostapinski


Section Curated by The Tax Collection

Whitney Babin

Chloe Bennett

Lily Brown

Kayla Buium

Taylor Cox

Kelly Crabtree

Julie Crews

Tavin Davis

Diana Dzene

Tucker Eason

Heather Gauthier

Lisa Golightly

Zoe Hawk

Patty Horing

Dan Huston

Haein Jeong

Yuko Kyutoku

Katelyn Ledford

A.e. Mabry

Stephen Mangum

Mark Mann

Jenna Mcnair

Mychaelyn Michalec

Jennifer Nieuwland

Emanuel Pavao

Anne Plaisance

Gary Plummer

Kris Rehring

Jette Reinert

Eric Rodriguez

Jaime Scott

Jordan Segal

Lucas Stiegman

Martin Swift

Stefanie Thiele

Kirsten Valentine

Andre Veloux

(Header image by Jordan Segal)