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Carson Zullinger

Carson Zullinger’s artwork derives from the exploration of the inner self and its contrast with the physical world. He uses dreams and the subconscious as a starting place to envision new imagery, striving to create pieces that incorporate a sense of spirit or mind-body interrelationship, and at the same time tell a story.

The subconscious is not rational. The Jungian dreamscape that Zullinger draws his inspiration from allows for the aesthetic space to shift dramatically from image to image. Yet there is a common theme of transcendence and spirituality that threads throughout the vision that he interprets.

In this new series Carson Zullinger explores the intersection of the dream and the awake state. It interprets the journey to where the two states are one.

Carson Zullinger has exhibited extensively for 40 years including the Delaware Art Museum, the Biggs Museum of American Art, and the Delaware Contemporary, and is represented in museum and private collections. In 2014 he was awarded a Masters Artist Fellowship from the State of Delaware.

Meghan Hildebrand

Meghan Hildebrand’s paintings are constant exercises in innovation and improvisation. With a unique vocabulary of symbols, she translates her northern coastal landscape into electrifying dreamscape scenarios, each image often alluding to a larger narrative. 

Despite frequent reinvention, her works often return to familiar themes—the childhood dream, a sense of journey over land, and the ‘personality’ of place. Defined points of interest, doorways, and inlets, invite the viewer to enter the image and join the narrative.