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From The Editor: Thank You

Dear Friend,

As I sit down and think about the fact that the magazine has been around for two years, I am filled with awe, gratitude, and excitement for things to come. As you can imagine, any creative project has its challenges and setbacks. I have been fortunate to meet an incredible team of writers, curators, and editors along with the incredible art community that keeps this publication going year after year.

From the left: Shelby (Designer), Ekaterina (Editor and Founder) and Alicia (Writer)

From the left: Shelby (Designer), Ekaterina (Editor and Founder) and Alicia (Writer)

Because of your support, we have celebrated our two-year anniversary and are excited for things ahead. Even in this digital age, there is something so special about exploring new art through print. Our passion lies in helping our readers and collectors discover new talent, or get to know familiar names in the art world on a more intimate level. From an artist's perspective, there is nothing more magical than seeing your own work on glossy pages of a quality magazine.

Reflecting on the past two years, we are proud to serve a diverse and global community of artists and we're so thankful to celebrate together with a few of you at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in October. We hope to continue engaging with you in person at curated events and through our new platform, the Art & Cocktails Podcast.

So here's your homework for the rest of the year:

I want to encourage you to start that project you keep thinking about, whether it's a new ambitious body of work or creative business venture like a zine or gallery space. If it's been on your mind for a few months or years and you just haven't pulled the trigger, start researching how you can make it happen. It's hard work, time consuming, and will make you crazy at times, but I promise you it's worth it. You will build an entire tribe, discover your strengths, and potentially help change the course of the art world.

Thank you for being a part of our thriving art community.

Warm Regards,


Here are some exciting things we have been up to this year + where to find us next


Art and Cocktails is a casual conversation style podcast that features interviews with contemporary artists, curators, art professionals and so much more. Once in a while I also share tips and experiences that shaped my career as an artist. Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn and more: Art & Cocktails.

More Shops Across the World

We are working hard to make our print issues accessible to readers all over the planet. Send us an email if you have the perfect local bookshop that we should work with!

Retail Locations


Live Events 

This year we bravely (introverts here)  stepped out from behind the screen and participated in a few in person events including our 2-year party, live podcast recording with I Like Your Work Podcastand introduced the magazine at Great PHL event. E-mail us your ideas for the next meetup!

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See You in Miami!

This year we are back in Miami for Art Week! We are a proud media partner of Art Miami Fairs. Be sure to let us know if you are in town that week + win tickets to Art Miami by sending us an email. 

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Thank You For Making 2017 Amazing!

Dear Reader,

Thank you for an amazing 2017! With your support, Create! Magazine was able to build a beautiful community. Over the past 12 months we published the work of hundreds of inspiring artists and got to share it with like-minded people across the globe.

There were so many memorable moments this year, including having our publication in London, New York, Amsterdam, and more. We were a proud media partner of Art Miami Fairs during Art Basel Miami, and I (Ekaterina) even got to meet a few of you in person (that was the most exciting part)! All these experiences reminded me of how important it is to have this strong, supportive community. Our artists do not compete with each other, but keep each other accountable, inspired, and motivated in their studio practice and that’s something worth celebrating.

A new year is just around the corner, and the first thing I want to do is encourage us all to take a deep breath and give ourselves a pat on the back. Let’s be proud of everything we were able to accomplish and reflect on this journey with gratitude before we make our big plans for 2018.

For Create!, plans include continuing our collaborations with inspiring leaders in the art world, starting with our recent curator The TAX Collection who will be guiding us into the new year with their selections for the February issue. We are serious admirers of their curation and extraordinary taste in contemporary art. Next, we are excited to have Danielle Krysa, aka the Jealous Curator, jury the April edition. We cannot wait to see what she picks!

Our focus for 2018 is to create an even stronger bond within members of our platforms, facilitate more in-person interactions in meet ups and celebrate our publication with launch parties. We have plans for more curatorial projects that support the career development of our artists.

Our online shop will be on a little break during the month of January, but will resume at the beginning of February with exciting updates once our new edition launches. All new subscriptions will start with the February edition.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this magazine, lovely group of makers, and beautiful human beings.

Let’s make 2018 the best year yet! Cheers!

Warm Regards,


*Header image by Bodil Jane