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Annual International Women's Print Issue Selected Artists

Congratulations to the following artists selected for our first annual International Women's Print Issue!

We received an incredible response to this opportunity and it was extremely challenging for our team to choose such a limited amount of artists out of hundreds of submissions.

We are so thankful for everyone who took the time and effort to submit to our magazine. We want artists to know that we keep work permanently on file and review it for appropriate opportunities and curatorial projects.

Let's celebrate this small and brilliant selection of women in our art community! The issue release date eta is mid-March 2019.

Selected Artists

Yvette Arendt

Ciele Beau

Charlotte Brisland

Ivana Carman

Andrea Castro

Hollie Chastain

Natalie Ciccoricco

Maggie Evans

Camila Fernández

Erin Fitzpatrick

Saskia Fleishman

Katherine Fraser

Orit Fuchs

Rachel Grobstein

Lindsay Hall

Chloe Hedden

Daina Higgins

Emma Hill

Monica Ikegwu

Christina Klein

Julie Liger-belair

Eliana Marinari

Jelena Marjanovic

Tracy Murrell

Lauren Mycroft

Carrie Pearce

Loreal Prystaj

Teklė Pužauskaitė

Simona Ruscheva

Denise Sanabria

Natalia Savinova

Annie Scull

Lauren Shaw

Jamie Bates Slone

Shamona Stokes

Jenni Stringleman

Claire Sweitzer Hawkins

Jessica Tenbusch

Jennifer Terrell

Patricia-lee Wilson

Issue 9 Selected Artists!

Congratulations to the artists selected by our guest juror The Jealous Curator

Danielle Krysa has a BFA in Visual Arts, and a post-grad in graphic design. She is the writer/curator behind the contemporary art site, The Jealous Curator (est.2009). Danielle has curated shows from Washington DC to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Toronto. In 2014 she published two books, titled “Creative Block” and “Collage”. Her third book, “Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk” was released in October 2016, and she is currently working a new book due out Fall 2018. Danielle has also had the great pleasure of speaking at TEDx, PIXAR, Creative Mornings, CreativeLive, and was interviewed for several video segments on

The Jealous Curator has been featured by Oprah Magazine/, Brain Pickings, Fast Company, Apartment Therapy, Sunset Magazine, Frankie Magazine, InsideOut Magazine, Flow Magazine, The Vancouver Sun, and Glamour Paris.

Artists to be featured in the April/May 2018 Edition

(Due after April 15, 2018)

Kaetlyn Able
Mark Bradley-Shoup
Claire Brewster
Anne Canfield
Ying Chew
Kaylee Dalton
Stephen DOnofrio
Brian Fouhy
Ron Geibel
Gemma Gené
JoAnn Goodman
Marisa Green
Michelle Heslop
Meghan Hildebrand
Tracy Kerdman
Sara Khan
Nicholas Koller
David Linneweh
Brandi Marie Little
Huntz Liu
Jemma Lock
Susannah Montague
Lauren Munns
Leah Pantea
David Pirrie
Seth Smith
Cheryl Sorg
Zandra Stratford
Clare Szydlowski
Ingrid Wells
Sally West
Sarah Winkler

Stay tuned for interviews, highlight features and more details about this edition in weeks to come! Subscribe to a print or digital version to reserve your copy! 

*Above image by Anne Canfield

Issue VIII Preview

On the Cover:

Pierre Schmidt



Romily Alice

Cracking Art

Brooke Didonato

Ben Evans

Emma Repp

Pierre Schmidt


Nes Vuckovic


Highlight Artists

Zaria Foreman

Lisa Ostapinski


Section Curated by The Tax Collection

Whitney Babin

Chloe Bennett

Lily Brown

Kayla Buium

Taylor Cox

Kelly Crabtree

Julie Crews

Tavin Davis

Diana Dzene

Tucker Eason

Heather Gauthier

Lisa Golightly

Zoe Hawk

Patty Horing

Dan Huston

Haein Jeong

Yuko Kyutoku

Katelyn Ledford

A.e. Mabry

Stephen Mangum

Mark Mann

Jenna Mcnair

Mychaelyn Michalec

Jennifer Nieuwland

Emanuel Pavao

Anne Plaisance

Gary Plummer

Kris Rehring

Jette Reinert

Eric Rodriguez

Jaime Scott

Jordan Segal

Lucas Stiegman

Martin Swift

Stefanie Thiele

Kirsten Valentine

Andre Veloux

Miami Edition/December 2017 Issue Selected Artists

Congratulations to the following artists selected by our guest curator Sarah Potter for our December 2017 Miami Edition Issue! 

About Sarah Potter/ SP Projects

Sarah Potter is the founder and owner of SP Projects, an independent art advisory and consulting business based in New York. With more than a decade of experience in the fine art world, Sarah has placed an emphasis on curating private and corporate collections with artwork that is aesthetically satisfying and a good financial investment. Sarah graduated with honors from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University with a BFA in Fine Art and Art History focusing on New Media and Performance Art. With a discerning eye, Sarah utilizes her passion for modern-day mysticism, spirituality, and the occult to create experiential exhibitions of innovative artwork and memorable performances. Dubbed “The Good Witch of the Art World,” she possesses a unique approach and philosophy to her work by intuitively assisting both new and seasoned collectors to connect with artwork to inspire their minds and nourish their spirits. 

Selected Artists:

Fei Alexeli

Sierra Barber

Jodi Bee

Zofia Bogusz

Jeremy Burks

Jessica Cannon

Patricia Castillo-Bellido

Jennifer Clay

Miriam Colman

Bernadette Despujols

Jen Dwyer

Sienna Freeman

Jamie Baldwin Gaviola

Gemma Gené

Nicole Gordon

Crummy Gummy

Michael Hambouz

Synaesthetics Illustration

Andrew Indelicato

Alison Kudlow

Mariu Lacayo

Elisabeth Ladwig

Grace Lang

Monika Malewska

Lorena García Mateu

Jennifer McGregor

Evgenia Medvedeva

Vedran Misic

Karen Navarro

Lisa Ostapinski

Jee Won Park

Andrew Poneros

Rebecca Reeves

Nick Robles

Bryan Schnelle

Max Seckel

Marna Shopoff

Heather Sundquist

Meggan Trobaugh

Zoe Williams


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Header image courtesy of Max Seckel

Issue V Artists

On the Cover

Travis Rice


Anne ten Donkelaar

Dean Reynolds

Jen Mann

Teresa Lim

Travis Rice

Winston Chmielinski

Pete Zebley 


Special Features

Artists from Print Club Ltd

Art Zealous Collaboration Winner


Artists Selected by Guest Curator Dasha Matsuura

Savonna Nicole Atkins

Allison Bamcat

Jan Brandt

Joey Brock

Pansy Ass Ceramics

Shea Chang

Devon Dadoly

Sarah Daya

Jessica Dolence

Sheldon Draper

Linden Eller

Fiona Freemark

Sara Genn

Leslie M.W. Graff

Jessica Lynn Hunt

Scott Hunter

Julia Ibbini

Kirsten Ledbetter

Wendy Liu

Glory Day Loflin

Melissa Loop

Janet Puiyan Ma

Mashell Marye

Laura Mosquera

Molly Catherine Scannell

Mira Sestan

Sarah Shanks

Derick Smith

Pele Prints and Xochi Solis

Yu-Chen Tseng

Kelsey Westphal

Martha Zmpounou