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Cosmic Beach House by SP Projects

It's summer and SP Projects is heading to the Jersey Shore! Get ready for a magical season of out-of-this-world events and psychedelic art experiences at our Cosmic Beach House at The Outpost.

We are kicking off the season of fun on Friday the 13th with "Stank Rag's Very Fun And Extremely Enjoyable House Party" featuring the artwork of Richie Brown & Christine Mazur! Step through the portal and be transported into the realm of Stank Rag...a world where everything is a little bit (or a lot) wrong but it feels so right. Glitter mixes with grime in muddy rainbows of dreamy nightmares. What just happened? Was I even there? Where is there? Find out on Friday the 13th at the SP Projects Cosmic Beach House at The Outpost.

This immersive art experience will feature photography, a musical performance by DJ Oboy, and an opportunity for visitors to activate their nose chakras to receive a 'Stank Aura'  portrait revealed through a secret technology developed by Steve the Shaman.