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Sculpture Made Entirely out of Paint by Ignacio Muv

This year, we had the pleasure of meeting artist Ignacio Muv at Scope Miami Beach and fell in love with his incredible sculptures created entirely out of paint! They are absolutely stunning in person. Here is what the artist has to say about his work and process:

My art is born from a process of transformation of the paint. I am interested in the constant change and movement of the human condition, and I materialize it through my art. I create skins of paintings, which I wait till they dry, then I fold them and give them life. I do not paint over canvas, it all paint. The fundament of my work its not material but spiritual. 

It is an analogy to the human body, where metaphorically the painting is the skin the beater is the skeleton and the work the spirit.
— Ignacio Muv

About The Artist

Ignacio Muv addresses the potential of painting as a material, his works present it from its tactile, sensory and virtual dimension; generating a direct dialogue between the painting, the frame and the canvas, suppressing the formal obligations in that relationship.

Muv elaborates his creations from pigments and emulsions. He uses materials to "cook" his painting through recipes whose results are, at times, unpredictable and subject to time and circumstances, always driven by an intention of a spiritual and mediative nature that articulates his process.

His practice is the extension of constant experimentation, pushing the limits of painting. The pigment is transformed into dust, powder becomes paint and the paint manifests as skin. The artist plays with the states of transformation of matter, where the understanding of art is born from its core, as an infinite matter in constant movement. Everything combines to form a work of art made of an instant and a time.

There is a strong element of paradox and balance in the work of Ignatius, because something so intrinsically material, so tangible and palpable, acquires a substantial spiritual and spatial dimension in unison. A very physical and at the same time very contemplative work, of frozen and organic movements full of silence and sound.

The constant ambition of the artist to inhabit the mystery of the meaning of art through material surfaces is facilitated by his practice, where he shows an ability to look beyond the painting, as if we could take off our own skin and see what is below . It is a vision of the state of constant transformation of the human condition and, simultaneously, a record of the now.