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Minimal Mixed Media Work by Imani Pierre

Imani Pierre is a minimal mixed media artist born in Jamaica, currently living in Maryland. Full time, she is a retail manager and buyer for an independent clothing boutique. In 2012, she began experimenting with painting and scraps of paper, adding collage elements to please her tactile nature. From there, she has enjoyed creating art for her home, exhibitions, and desired commissions. Having always had an interest in design and fashion, she is a self-taught visual artist, finding pleasure in the geometric arrangement of repurposed materials, complimenting the use of vibrant and soothing color choices. Imani’s evolution in mixed media painting, allow her to extend the range of her talents and a keen eye for styling and designing even further.  From styling a wide range of customers to styling her personal works of art – Imani’s art captures the expressive composition and playfulness in blending materials, patterns, and colors.




I am a minimal mixed media artist, creating what I feel is pleasing to the eye, and therapeutic to the soul. Inspired by nature with bold colors and subtle touches of calm tones, I find that my work visually stimulates your gaze and slows down your pace towards peace. From the neutrals in soil, bark, and branches, to the irresistibility seen all around us in petals and in the sky; I release my visual inspirations and fascinations into my craft, mirroring what I find withhold a timeless, memorable and colorful energy. As I create, I repurpose materials, and practice the concept of up-cycling by finding different ways to incorporate old bubble wrap, tape, sticks, flowers, papers, and even Chinese food menus! I enjoy experimenting along the lines of mending simplicity with tactile dimensions and expressing through abstract.

Complexity Through Minimal Expression: Interview with Yihong Hsu

Yihong Hsu has an interesting multi-cultural background. She was born in Seoul, Korea as 3rd generation Chinese immigrants. She received American education since elementary school to college. She now lives permanently in Hong Kong.

 Yihong Hsu received her Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design at  Maryland Institute, College of Art, USA and later received her Master in Arts, Design Management, at International Design Advanced Studies Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.  

Her multi-national and cultural background lead her to have a successful career in design and branding industry for 18 years.

In 2018, she had a first break through as an artist, by being commissioned to do an art installation of 10 meter wide giant Panda and 7 meters tall Camellia tree - LOVE.FOUND. in Chongqing IFS mall (with co-artist Simone Carena of Italy). Ever since, she has found a new passion in contemporary art and have been painting for the past year. 

Artist Statement

Seed Series

The “Seed Series” was developed as a personal interpretation of nature and carries a deeper meaning of how that relates to us - humans. Flowers are portrayed as carriers of the seeds. All flowers carry female and male parts and thus self-reproductive. It is in all nature of things, a desire to reproduce and seeds are the beginning of that. My paintings are the exploration of seeds, seeds journey. Every seed will carry its own path, it may fall out sometime, it will one day be received, and it will grow.

Ball Series

Circles (balls) are very intriguing. They create movement and tension in the space and create odd spaces around them. They are so simple yet so powerful and I find myself using circles (balls) to interpret life, my own encounters, experiences, and emotion. Using the most minimal expression to interpret some complicated thoughts.

Interview by Alicia Puig


How did you first become interested in art, and can you explain a bit of how it led you to the work you create today? 

I was a graphic designer for 18 years working in branding and advertising agencies. During those years, I always felt like there was an artist in every designer.

However, designers are very restricted, as they also have to be sensitive to the project's objectives, client's needs, market trends, etc. I was longing for freedom to express myself the way I wanted to and about things I was interested in. In 2018, I was lucky to be commissioned to do an art installation piece in Chongqing, China. A 10-meter long chrome finishing panda lying on top of Chongqing IFS shopping mall complex - named LOVE.FOUND. (co-artist Simone Carena) and a 7-meter tall metal-chrome camellia tree. During the project, which lasted one year, I did a lot of research on flowers and how to express them. I sketched a lot of camellias and ways to make it more interesting. It is during this time that I fell in love with flowers and nature and decided to quit my 18 years of career in advertising and start the journey of depicting flowers and nature. I have been painting ever since and find it very therapeutic and self-satisfying. 


We love that some of your work is minimalist while other pieces have more complex layering and patterns. Can you tell us about what inspires you? 

It was a long train of thought and curiosity that led to these two very different types of paintings. I personally called them the "seed series" and "ball series." As I started to dig into and experimenting with different ways of expressing flowers, I became more curious about the anatomy of the flower. Something not everyone draws about when they draw beautiful outskirt of flowers. What I learned from the biological anatomy diagrams of flowers was that all flowers carry female and male parts and what I thought were the seeds of flowers were only pollens and that the seeds are carried deep inside the ovary and ovule. This was very intriguingand interesting to me, and it inspired me to start painting flowers always emphasizing on the seeds that they carry. I also started to imagine them all around us in nature, how they strive to survive and get transferred to other flowers, and so on. To me, it somehow reflects human life and what we go through in life. For the "ball series," it began when I started to draw a lot of circles for the "seed series." It was very fun and interesting to me how circles affect the space around it. It gives a sense of motion even in a still 2-dimensional space. It is a perfect round-edge shape but provides oddness. I was inspired to just use circles (balls) and the most minimal expression to depict this tension. When I want to tell a very complicated story and put a title to the "ball series" pieces, it makes perfect sense!


What is your process like? Do you do a lot of sketching or make work more intuitively? 

I do a few sketches before just to make sure what is already in my head looks okay on flat surface. 

Describe your current studio or creative space. What is most important about it or one thing that you definitely need in your work area?

My creative space is an extra room at my place that I transformed into my workspace. There is no most important "thing" for me. I just need absolute silence and natural sunlight. I love my big window. 

What is your favorite thing about being an artist? That I can transform my thoughts and feelings into art. I don't need to organize my thoughts into PowerPoint slides and excel sheets and use fancy words to write about it. I just draw them. I feel free!

Michelle Amor Lundqvist

Michelle Amor Lundqvist is a first generation Canadian born to a Filipino and a Swedish parent. Michelle was raised in a working-class family in Winnipeg, MB. Their love of color and visuals was ever-present in their body and led them to pursue a life in art. Their work is known for subtle geometric lines, minimalist compositions, and gradient colors in abstract spaces. Simplistic and beautiful, soothing and enlivening, Michelle’s work is imbued with their spirit. Lundqvist studied painting in Brussels at ERG St-Luc and graduated with a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Their work has been shown in galleries in Brussels, Washington D.C and Montreal including Art Mur and is in private collections including Colart, T.D Trust and Loto Quebec. Michelle now lives with their spouse, a cat and a dog in the SF Bay Area, California.


Painting is a marriage of my own mysticism in life and art.

Much of my oeuvre is about the awareness of the sensation of a thought or emotion arising and disappearing as the works are created, culminating into a single event of an image or form. Ultimately, ones presence is the most important thing when painting.

My longest ongoing series Energy Fields investigates the invisible energy fields that surround our thoughts and feelings. They are the fruits of a journey inward into the depths of the subjective experience. I uncover and impart the slow passage of time. I ask the holy spirit for answers and want to share what I learn. I hold onto and hold still the first thought, which is the best thought. I am vulnerable in embarrassment and in asking for salvation. I imagined the forms there/of infinite space and painted what I saw. Strong, delicate and exact.

Most of my works are growth off my experiences with Energy Fields, including Planes which focuses on compositional exercises in fleeting moments looking up above the city, Impermanence whose floating abstract clouds of thoughts and emotions linger, and Lakes where the division of surface tension and evaporation meet. 

My work concerns the spiritual in art, like many abstract expressionists and mystical artist before. I take inspiration from the works and writings of Agnes Martin, Lawren Harris, and Caspar David Friedrich.