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Lauren Bierly

Lauren Bierly is a visual artist and arts professional living and working in New York City. Her artwork has been exhibited in New York City; Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; and Kolkata, India. She is also Manager of Special Exhibitions and Projects for The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Bierly holds an M.A. in Modern Art, Connoisseurship, and History of the Art Market from Christie’s Education, New York (2010), and Bachelor of Architecture and Minor in Art History from Pennsylvania State University (2009).

My work is an investigation into sensory perception on both personal and communal levels. Through artwork, I identify visual languages and systems to draw out commonalities between people and the differences that make people unique.

Using invisible differences, like neurological conditions, I unpack subjectivity and the mental space of feeling. Synaesthesia—a neurological condition in which sensory modalities, such as taste, sound, and vision, are cross-wired—is an entirely subjective experience. Subjectivity rendered it taboo and thought-to-be-impossible to diagnose until a resurgence in neuroimaging with MRIs in the 1980s. "Color Translations" is a tangible exercise in translating my neurological experience of grapheme-color (word-to-color) synaesthesia into reality. The series is a study in color theory, form, and spatial perception governed by one process: translating essays, letter by letter, into color.