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Drigo is a self-taught artist and muralist based in Dallas, Texas with a primary focus in painting. His work stems from a long line of cultural influences, theories, and ideologies, as well as a background in graphic design. A few cultures that appear most prominently in his work are African, Mongolian, and Spanish. Drigo often pulls ideas and thoughts from his subconscious or what he explains as the 5th Dimension. He recognizes his work as somewhat subconscious self-portraits merging everything he is influenced by into one. His kitschy, throwback-’80s paintings of Aztec and African masked figures, which nod to Egyptology, lost civilizations, and mysticism, will take you way back to ancient times, while his refreshing color pallet and hints of iconography will bring you right back (Christopher Blay).

David Willburn

Born in Fort Stockton, Texas, David Willburn lives and works in Fort Worth, Texas. He earned an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts (Montpelier, VT). His work has been shown nationally and internationally at venues including Dallas Contemporary (Dallas, Texas), San Diego Art Institute (San Diego, CA), University of Art and Design (Helsinki, Finland) Museum of Arts and Design (New York, NY), Union Gallery at University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI), Museum of Contemporary Craft (Portland, Oregon), and Galleri Urbane (Dallas, Texas). 


My work exists at the intersection of craft and fine art, and within that space I explore traditions of drawing, painting, and sculpture. The process of making mixed-media paintings, embroidered drawings, and installation projects often begins with images and ideas culled from contemporary culture and politics--photographs or memories of a specific event. Items and scenes from my own home, social institutions, or mass media are starting points that are filtered through layers of abstraction and analysis as a way of stripping away the familiarity and objectness of things and situations. These reimagined ideas and compositions are loaded with more possibility. In these abstractions I find new narratives, and I look for ways to queer the materials, reshaping and repurposing things through form and subject.

Joey Brock

Joey Brock, a mixed media visual artist living in Dallas, TX, anchors his work in the abstract expressionist tradition influenced by urban landscapes, graffiti and minimalist Japanese art.

Brock’s work is an abstract deconstruction combining strong gestural strokes and mark marking, utilizing acrylic, graphite, enamel spray paint, ink, pencil, paper, perle cotton thread and photography on multiple layers of Mylar.

Interested in the visual language and expression found in graffiti art, often captured in cities Brock travel’s to, these expressions typically have the same common denominator; people wanting to be seen and heard. The honest energy that is captured through this form of expression is seized by Brock in its rawness, subtly combined with his intuitive expression to produce organic and sometimes ethereal work. Intuition and creative flow are the backbones to his paintings. Brock’s approach can be described by the ancient Icelandic word for intuition “Innsæi”, referring to ‘the sea within’ which is a borderless nature of our inner world, a constantly moving world of vision, feelings and imagination beyond words.

Having been exhibited in numerous solo shows at Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, TX, and previously shown at The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts in Lubbock, TX, Brock’s unique work has awarded him a following that has resulted in exhibitions in Palm Desert, CA and Park City, UT. Most recently his painting was chosen by Juror Eric M, Lee, Director of the Kimbell Art Museum for Artspace III 3rd annual Regional Juried Exhibition receiving the 3rd place for Artist Merit.

Hillaree Hamblin

Hillaree Hamblin is a fine artist and arts educator living and working in Houston, Texas. Her work has been shown in Germany, London and at various art spaces around Houston including Lawndale Art Center, Samara Gallery and Box 13 Artspace. In 2013, she received her Bachelors in painting from the University of Houston and this past May graduated with her Masters in Fine Arts from Houston Baptist University.  Recently, she taught an experimental 3D workshop at Art League Houston for their 2016 Summer High School Studio Art Intensive program and currently teaches art classes to elementary, junior high & high school students.

Studio Practice

Using a conglomeration of experimental processes, my work uses intensely remembered emotions as the catalyst to create works that represent the essence of a memory or event.  The resulting pieces are both 2 and 3-dimensional structures, containing caught fragments of the past infused with personal reflections. How do we make tangible the intangible? What is the physical formation of an emotion or a highly charged memory? In this search, I’m asking myself and the viewer how can we better document our past. In an age where we have what seems an unending amount of digital options, why does it feel like it's harder to retain memories or real emotion? My studio process is an experimental laboratory of sorts, at times somber, at times lively, at times chaotic-always in flux, always searching for the best way to make visible that which cannot easily be seen, created or rendered. Elements from these tactile formations of intangible emotions are broken down and reformed, in much the same way sediment and strata are layered.  In giving such a fragile and constantly changing entity such as memory a physical form and life, I hope to simultaneously document and enshrine my own personal history.

Studio Sundays: Cande Aguilar

Cande Aguilar, Jr Brownsville, TX(1972). A self-taught artist he began his career as a musician at the age of 10 and recorded his first album by the age of 13. As a touring musician, he toured the United States and received numerous awards. The touring period allowed Aguilar to mature and gain inspiration from diverse cultures. In 1999 he produced his first oil painting, and has since accumulated an impressive body of work. In this short period, he has shown his passion and dedication for the arts. Aguilar's work is an example of the unique art form found in the Rio Grande Valley.