Terry Baker

I am an untrained artist, an ex-painter from NYC, now living off the grid in a remote valley in Northern CA.

Digital became my primary medium in 1995, due to its versatility and the more personalized workflow options. In fact, most paintting and drawing I do now is in service to the digital realm. The unconscious – or even a higher consciousness within – is always guiding and expressing ideas in the creative process. Randomness, chance, and accidents/mistakes are both collaborators and tools for me.

I begin with a vague scrap of an idea - usually a color palette, a shape, or just an attitude or feeling. I "paint" in Photoshop, bringing in scraps of older paintings, drawings, photographs, scanned textures. Working with many separate layers, I mix, rearrange, distort, paint over and erase until I see "something" that resonates. I grab that something and use it as a scaffold or a theme or a particular neural landscape. This leads me – eventually – to the resolution.

The final version – of all of my pictures – is always the lowest entropy state I can hope to experience, not just in art but in my overall life.