Vanessa Lam

Vanessa Lam uses mixed media painting and assemblage to explore the hidden stories behind everyday objects. In her recent work, she compares the thinking process to be like “rearranging mental furniture” where shifting deep-seated beliefs are akin to physical exertion. As part of her investigation of the relationship between home and personal identity, Vanessa interprets the home as a compartmentalized reflection of ourselves. There are areas where we open up to others while other areas remain hidden. She is interested in exploring this inner realm where objects exist both in harmony and in flux. Through the process of layering and collage, Vanessa explores the tension of this relationship in her latest body of work.

Vanessa Lam lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia as a mixed media painter. Her work was selected to be in a recent issue of Uppercase Magazine. She was also awarded first place in the 2014 Semiahmoo Arts Juried Art Exhibit. Vanessa has exhibited and sold her work at various community venues and public galleries across the city.