Interview: Verdjinia Stefani Doycheva 

My inspiration comes from everything that surrounds me. I like to observe nature, people's behavior and way of thinking and the way we all live. "Life in the big city" is a very interesting topic for me. I worked on it for my graduation work last year. It's called "Metropolis". It reveals my impressions of the atmosphere in places like capitals. My last project is "Mindscape" series. It represents many landscapes mixed in one painting. My idea is to place the viewer in a spot where he is able to discover many different things. He can see through time and space. The earth becomes transparent for him. Throughout the years, I have tried different techniques and approaches while creating. I love to experiment. I express myself through painting, video art and music. 

You can learn more about Verdjinia on facebook and behance.

Verdjinia Contemporary Painting

When did you discover you had an affinity for art?

Since a little child, I used to create different things like paintings, cards, sculptures or fashion sketches. That was my favorite time spent next to playing with other kids in the neighborhood. My mother noticed that and suggested to apply in the National School of Fine Arts in Sofia. Then I started professional lessons.  

concrete jungle contemporary painting

Tell us about what inspired your current work.

In the last six months, I work on my project called “Mindscape”. It means a landscape of the mind.  I’m inspired by the east philosophies like Buddhism and Yoga. I’m influenced by the teachings where the man is presented as a very potential being. It is said that after certain practices and self-control of the mind the human being can become enlightened and develop a higher state of mind and spirit. In the paintings, I want to present a part of my impression of this philosophy.  I want to give the viewer the sense that is able to see through time and space. He can overcome the sensory borders and see the changes of the past. To achieve this effect I combine many images and I make them half transparent. It’s a process in which I have to think more before I paint because, with every image I add, the painting becomes more complex.

Verdjinia Stefani Photo by Antonia Baramova.jpg

How do you come up with the images in your paintings? Do you travel to various cities or observe what's around you?

I think they are the result to all of my experience. Also, I observe all the time no matter what I do. I think every situation in life and place can be an inspiration for an artist.


How do you overcome creative blocks and replenish your inspiration?

In these periods I just do something else like studying or traveling. I have a rest from the work I’ve done lately and I try to discover something new and interesting.

What do you hope the viewer learns from your paintings?

I hope my paintings give people positive feelings. I would like to remind them of creativity as a way to express in life even if they are not connected to art in a professional way.   Creativity can be a part in every aspect of life.


Do you feel your work is part of a greater conversation in today's art world? If so, how?

Yes, I think that every artist who tries to discover more and show to people different perspectives in our society and culture is a part of this greater conversation, even not only in the art world but in general. Art is next to politics, philosophy or psychology. In my opinion art either as an inspiration and somehow entertainment can also be a really significant way to guide or criticize the public.

Tell us about your favorite activities outside of the studio.

One of my favorite things to do is traveling. I love to explore new cultures, places, and people. Also, I sing in my free time and now I’m trying to create my own musical pieces.  Other things I like are going to exhibitions or concerts with my family and friends.