Paintings Commenting on the Curated Self by Vivian Rashotte


Vivian Rashotte is a self-taught Canadian artist who lives and works in Toronto. After graduating with a BA in art history from the University of Toronto in 2013, she began to explore her own artwork through oil painting. Beyond her visual art practice, she’s also an associate producer on CBC Radio’s q, the leading arts, music, and entertainment program in Canada.


My work is inspired by art history, pop culture, and the images we regularly see proliferated on social media. To reflect our current obsession with the curated self, I combine mundane, familiar, and luxurious objects into compositions that appear intentionally staged, sometimes mimicking flat lay photography. While this could be understood as a critique of consumer culture or our generation’s social aspirations, I think my work is more self-reflexive — my paintings ultimately become like the coveted objects they depict, which makes the critique more irreverent than earnest.